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EPSG 4326 is Geographic Coordinates, or the equivalent of a globe (spherical
coordinates).  In order to measure something in meters you will need to
project your data into planar coordinates.  In order to decide which
projection formula to use you will need to first answer a few questions
about the data and what you intend to use it for.
Why do you need to convert to meters?  Are you measuring the area of a land
feature?  Are you using the map to navigate with a compass?

What part of the world does the data you are using cover (E.g. Seattle, WA /
State of Oklahoma / United States / All of Europe)?


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Dear all, 
I am new to proj. I have a raster map projected in
"init=epsg:27585"on which I 
am placing points in latitude and longitude using 
Everything works well. Now for search purposes, I need
to convert these lat 
long coordinates into meters. Which projection do I
use? I have tried to 
convert my lat long with proj +init=epsg:4326  <<EOF
> 10 20
Rel. 4.4.9, 29 Oct 2004
+proj=latlong unsuitable for use with proj program.
program abnormally terminated

This is what I get.
CAn anyone please help?


Imteyaz Khodabux
Life Science section
Division of Basic and Engineering Sciences
1,Rue Miollis

B.Sc (Mtius) 
M.Sc (Birmingham) 
D.E.A (Paris 6)
D.E.S.S (Paris 5)

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