[Proj] D-Sat 1 coordinates

Robert Jaeschke robert-j at gmx.de
Thu Mar 17 14:37:13 EST 2005


I'm new on this mailing list and I hope it is a good place for my

I'm trying to make some satellite data of germany useable for
non-windows-users. There exists a popular software called "D-Sat" of
which I have version 1. The problem is, that neither the data format of
the pictures nor the used coordinate system (+datum) is known, AFAIK. So
my first intention was, to find out the coordinate system. Therefore I
decoded the city database inside D-Sat1 and tried to compare the values
with known values. Unfortunately they differ from the values shown on
screen inside D-Sat and furthermore I found no appropriate coordinate
system which fits.
Here is a small page which describes my research:


So my question is: has anybody an idea, which projection/datum has been
used for the city database or the satellite pictures? I'm sure that the
data inside the city database is somewhat reasonable, because it gives me 
a good map of Germany (see URL above). But the difference between
screen-data and database data or database data and real data seems to be
random. Maybe the rumour is true, that the satellite pictures are very
badly geo-referenced and so my approach is senseless?

Thank you very much,
Robert Jaeschke

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