[Proj] Shapefile and EXTENTS

Craig Miller craig at millerfam.net
Mon May 9 18:09:38 EDT 2005

Could you send you .map file?   I think the mapserver list would be better


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I am trying to do a project a map of the state of Missouri that was 
created by the US Census Bureau(zt29_d00.shp).

I used ogrinfo to get the following information about the EXTENT:

[imac-dev03:~/Documents] matthewr% ogrinfo -so zt29_d00.shp zt29_d00
INFO: Open of `zt29_d00.shp'
using driver `ESRI Shapefile' successful.

Layer name: zt29_d00
Geometry: Polygon
Feature Count: 1341
Extent: (-95.774704, 35.995683) - (-89.098843, 40.613640)
Layer SRS WKT:
AREA: Real (20.5)
PERIMETER: Real (20.5)
ZT29_D00_: Integer (11.0)
ZT29_D00_I: Integer (11.0)
ZCTA: String (5.0)
NAME: String (90.0)
LSAD: String (2.0)
LSAD_TRANS: String (50.0)

Then, I used proj4 to find lat long values for the a Lambert Azimuthal 
Equal Area projection.

[imac-dev03:~/Documents] matthewr% proj +proj=laea +ellps=clrk66 +R_A
-95.774704 35.995683
-7567149.62     5525023.18
-89.098843 40.613640
-6798293.00     5830370.88

When I use these values with MapServer to make a map, nothing shows up. 
  Am I missing something.  Should I post this question in this list or 
in the MapServer User's group? Any help would be appreciated.



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