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I'm not sure if I understand you, but this should work. If you make a
array like shown in your code then what you get _is_ an array of char*.
there's another reason why the initialization fails ?




Yes, the code that was listed _does_ work. =)  But it assumes that you know
the projection parameter ahead of time and hence, can hard code them.

My question revolves around the situations when you _do not_ know what is
the projection and its parameters ahead of time.

My approach would have been to dynamically allocate memory to char ** for an
array of strings.

But when you call sizeof(), it returns the number of bytes for the pointer
and _not_ the sizeof() the array of string pointers.

So essentially I'm trying to define the input and output projection and
their parameters at run-time.

I hope this provides more clarification.

-- Kevin
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