[Proj] commercial or closed using PROJ.4

Eric Miller EMiller at dfg.ca.gov
Mon Nov 28 11:39:51 EST 2005

I think PROJ.4 sees a lot of internal use.  We have it in use for a few database projects, but they aren't things we'd distribute outside of our organization or close partners. 

>>> werchowyna at epf.pl 11/27/2005 10:37:31 PM >>>
Noel, thanks for your input.

Would that be all?

I couldn't find any on my own.

Frank's presentation "PROJ.4 Handling Coordinate Systems" mentions that
"Various comercial packages" depend on PROJ.4. Two I know of so far...

(I was kindly pointed I should rather use "proprietary" as an opposite
of FOSS, instead of "commercial", which I admit is right, however I'm
quoting somebody else's words here.)


On nie, 2005-11-27 at 20:53 -0600, Noel Zinn wrote:
> Matlab by the MathWorks uses proj.4 in the Mapping Toolbox.  -Noel
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> Hi All!
> Can anybody say what commercial or closed-source software uses PROJ.4?
> Besides the Google Earth?
> Cheers,
> Maciek

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