[Proj] UTM Zone projection parameters to pass to pj_transform()

Jacques, David - Fort Worth, TX david.jacques at ftw.usda.gov
Mon Nov 28 15:13:28 EST 2005

The output from listgeo is this...

Corner Coordinates:
Upper Left    ( 360427.280,3278421.510)
Lower Left    ( 360427.280,3270801.510)
Upper Right   ( 367182.280,3278421.510)
Lower Right   ( 367182.280,3270801.510)
Center        ( 363804.780,3274611.510)

The corner coordinates in Decimal Degrees should be

Upper Left    ( 29.628626,-94.441707)
Lower Left    ( 29.559135,-94.441707)
Upper Right   ( 29.628626,-94.371019)
Lower Right   ( 29.559135,-94.371019

What I get is...


This prompted me to look at the PJ structure in debug mode (watch)
In my Visual Studio 7 IDE. I saw the following string in the

+	descr	0x0043802c "Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)	Cyl, Sph
zone= south"	const char *

Funny how I didn't specify "south".

This led me to believe I need to specify more parameters.


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