[Proj] Snyder ISEA

Paul B. Anderson pbander at picusnet.com
Wed Oct 19 17:04:01 EDT 2005

- pw,

It was not my intent to hi-jack Lili Zhang's post. Yes, code for Snyder's 
ISEA is in the zipped file I mentioned.

I've been giving John's code away since 1997. Gerald Evenden, as far as I 
know, is the only person that has done any work with John's software code 
and placed it back into the public domain. I'm perfectly happy to maintain 
custody of the original. I'm also very happy to give out copies to anyone 
that wants it.


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> Paul B. Anderson wrote:
>> - Hi All,
>> While I've been a list member for a couple of years, I've never posted
>> anything until now. This seems to be as good a time as any to let
>> everyone on the list know that John P. Snyder gave me a copy of his
>> personal software about a month before his passing. If anyone WANTS a
>> copy, contact me off list and I will give you the URL where you can
>> download it. I will also send you some operational notes. John wrote his
>> program in MSDOS GWBasic/Quick Basic 4.5, and what I have is fully
>> functional. Check the 'Miscellaneous Section' of my web site for
>> graphics of Snyder's projections that I made using his program:
> If you'd like the GWBASIC converted to C/C++, or something else
> more current, let me know. At very least make lots of backups.
> Peter Willis
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