[Proj] Roussilhe Projection

Steffen Macke sdteffen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 02:06:22 EDT 2005

> > I was puzzled by the fact that libproj rouss apparently doesn't do anything
> > with the scale factor k0 (m0).

The following gives quite good results for my purposes:

cs2cs +proj=latlong +datum=WGS84 +to +proj=latlong +ellps=clrk80
+towgs84=-182.966,-14.745,272.936 +rf=293.46 | ./lproj +proj=rouss
+a=6378249.2 +lon_0="39d09'E" +lat_0="34d12'N" +k_0=0.9995341
+ellps=clrk80 +rf=293.46

Is there a way to combine the two commands in one? My attempts in this direction
failed. In the end, I would like to project the data in PostGIS. Might
the problem be related
to the k0 issue described above? (This is using Gerald Evenden's libproj)

I filed the enhancement request.


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