[Proj] Roussilhe Projection

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Tue Oct 25 10:21:40 EDT 2005

It seems that I was hasty in my response and suggesting to adding 
"corrections" code to libproj4.  I did not realize that this would open such
a can of worms.  Thus


I will not add  grid correction code to libproj4 at the moment (and
probably not never).

On Monday 24 October 2005 03:35 am, Oscar van Vlijmen wrote:
> > From: "Gerald I. Evenden"
> >
> >> And their document about this epmirical corrections, only in Polish:
> >
> > I would be very interested in  a translation and would be glad to
> > translate the PASCAL code to C and include in a Polish system variant for
> > libproj4 if it represents what is in practical use by the Poles.
> Does this mean that there is an intention to incorporate ALL available grid
> corrections into the code of libproj4?
> The Dutch cadastre provides upon request NLGEO2004 correction data for the
> RD, the Australians have National Transformation Grids for AGD66 and AGD84,
> the French IGN has several grid corrections available, and undoubtedly
> there are many more countries with freely or for minimal charge available
> data sets and procedures.
> All in all this could add 100s of MB to the libproj tarball. Please make
> sure you also make a version without grid data available!

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