[Proj] Polish Uklad 1965 proper definition

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Thu Oct 27 17:00:24 EDT 2005

Oscar van Vlijmen wrote:

 > Maciek Sieczka wrote:

>>Also, could take a look at
>>http://www.geonet.net.pl/gfx/pliki/uklady_new.doc, pages 22-25 mainly,
>>and say what you think of it's Uklad 1965 formulae? The author is R.
>>Kadaj, the same one who is the author of Transpol software distributed
>>by GUGiK. Sorry I didn't mention it before, but I guess it is the most
>>important source available. It should be taken for official I think, as
>>the author is also an author of the official coordinate transformation
>>software for Poland. Sorry, only in Polish again.
> Roman Kadaj is probably also the author of the official document "Wytyczne
> Techniczne G-1.10 " (technical guideline G-1.10) describing the Polish
> projection systems. See literature reference #4 in his article.
> Sorry, but in my opinion the author has tried his best to obfuscate the
> procedures, so I hardly understand what he is doing. Of course I am hampered
> by my weak knowledge of Polish, but still.
> It looks to me that chapter 10 describes (in an obfuscated way) a nearly
> exact method, very similar to the article in Geodeta Magazine. Probably the
> only difference is that the author uses complex math (with real and
> imaginary parts of variables).
> Chapter 11 describes an alternative method as used in the Gugik-80 system,
> where the original System 65 is approximated by complex polynomials with for
> every zone a different set of parameters. In some way the polynomials are
> based on Transverse Mercator values.
> Don't ask me how. The text seems to say, for instance, that mu0 in zone 1 is
> equal to the x-coordinate of the [Transverse] Mercator [projection] of the
> central point. I played a bit around, but in no way I can reproduce the
> given value of 5605231.5783400 m.
> If you could provide a complete and accurate translation into English of the
> chapters 10 and 11 of said article (tables not necessary), then a further
> analysis would be possible. Or not, due to inexplainable mysteries in the
> text.

I would be happy to translate it, if this would lead to incorporating 
*mathematically* proper Polish Uklad 1965 definition into Frank's 
PROJ.4, so it would accessible for Gdal, Grass and other PROJ.4 
dependent software.

Gerald, Frank, Oscar, Mateusz,
Do you find it doable? Please note I'm asking about the proper 
theoretical definition here, not the "can of worms", as Gerald refered 
to the empirical, grid correction.


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