[Proj] Polish Uklad 1965 proper definition

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Sat Oct 29 09:06:36 EDT 2005

>> Roman Kadaj is probably also the author of the official document "Wytyczne
>> Techniczne G-1.10 " (technical guideline G-1.10) describing the Polish
>> projection systems. See literature reference #4 in his article.

> I would be happy to translate it, if this would lead to incorporating
> *mathematically* proper Polish Uklad 1965 definition into Frank's
> PROJ.4, so it would accessible for Gdal, Grass and other PROJ.4
> dependent software.

> Gerald, Frank, Oscar, Mateusz,
> Do you find it doable? Please note I'm asking about the proper
> theoretical definition here, not the "can of worms", as Gerald refered
> to the empirical, grid correction.

Just for the record:

* The article by Jaworski in Geodeta describes the Uklad 1965, apart from
errors in the inverse, very well.
* The article "Polskie Uklady wspolrzednych" by Kadaj is NOT the defining
* "Wytyczne Techniczne G-1.10", also by Kadaj, seems to be the defining

> the proper theoretical definition
If there are legal questions, get the proper source: G-1.10.
If there are only practical questions: I think you will not get closer than
the already analyzed Geodeta article.
The Polskie Uklady article offers some extra's:
- Analytical expressions for meridian convergence and point scale factor.
- Gugik-80 approximations for Uklad 1965.

I cannot speak for PROJ.4/libproj4/Gdal/Grass/....

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