[Proj] reprojection of sites within SHP file to standard output

Eric Miller EMiller at dfg.ca.gov
Tue Sep 13 15:46:58 EDT 2005

I think you might be thinking of a contrib program distributed with
Frank's Shapelib.  It depends on proj.4 libraries (and associated datum
See "shpproj.c" in the contrib directory:

>>> gis at watersheds.ca 09/13/05 11:26 AM >>>

I seem to remember reprojecting SHP files before. PROJ was even
a new PRJ file for me. I thought that if Proj can reproject a whole 
shape file that it might be able to do components thereof.  The script

you speak of, is it an avenue script?  ANy open source solutions as I
avoid running arcview. proof of concept.


> Hello,
> Can this actually be done with proj...?(Didn't think so)
> SHP files are ~proprietary to arcview GIS. There is a
> format spec available on the web.
> I have an arcview script for dumping coordinates
> from SHP files to ascii text, if that helps. I believe it also
> dumps one attribute as well, allowing you to link
> the geographic data with the data in the accompanying
> DBF file. In any case you could modify the script to
> dump what ever you want.

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