[Proj] Updated EPSG file in Proj.4 for new EPSG dataset

Wayland Yu wayland.yu at resources.ca.gov
Tue Sep 20 16:20:51 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I've heard that a new version of the EPSG dataset, version 6.8, will be
released very shortly. Will a new version of the Proj.4 library (and/or
associated epsg file) released when the new EPSG dataset is released? 

The reason I ask is that two new projections, the California Teale
Albers projections (in NAD27 and NAD83), which are widely used in
datasets for the state of California, will soon be added in the next
version of the EPSG dataset, so that WMS compliant map clients and
servers, such as the University of Minnesota Mapserver, will soon be
able to recognize these two new projections, among others. 
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