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Administrator jnovak at novacell.com
Mon Sep 26 01:28:04 EDT 2005

Might I suggest globalmapper, available from
http://www.globalmapper.com.  We have found this software to be
excellent for rectification of scanned maps, as it has a wide variety of
projections available as well as a GUI interface to apply control
points.  It has a rubber sheeting transform available and the results
are better than other, substantially more expensive software we've used
for the same purpose.
The development team is responsive and flexible.  
John Novak
Novacell Technologies
Thomas Flemming wrote: 


It seems like what you would want is a rubber sheeting transform 
of some kind based on a bunch of reference points.  Two reference 
points wouldn't give you much information.  PROJ.4 does not 
address this issue.  I do have such a capability in GDAL - 
underlying transformations based on reference points and a way 
of applying it to resample rasters. 

Puh, this sounds good, btu I think GDAL is too big for me to understand
for this single task. 

I would recommend an eight-parameter projective transformation based on 
four points of a graticule.  The panelling of such is identical to the
graphical technique employed by cartographers of 20 years ago. 

I have this eight-parameter projective transformation already in my
software, but it does not work good for maps which are stitched from
many scanned papermaps. 
In this case I need much more control points. 

Best regards, 

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