[Proj] [Newbie] Conversion from wgs84 to tmerc

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Wed Apr 26 10:44:13 EDT 2006

> From: Roland Rickborn <r_2-gmx.net>
> Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 13:31:54 +0200
> Subject: [Proj] [Newbie] Conversion from wgs84 to tmerc

> I'd like to convert wgs84 coordinates from all over Europe to tmerc
> (Gauss-Krueger).
> My questions are:
> how can I determine lon_0 (central meridian) and x_0 (left shift) for
> many different locations in Europe? All I have are the geographic
> coordinates and the geographic coordinate system. E.g.:
> ID|GeographicCoordinateSystem|Longitude|Latitude|CountryID
> 1|"WGS84"|9.183132|53.904484|DE
> 2|"WGS84"|6.764922|38.33335|ES

I do not know what mr. Rickborn is trying to achieve, but it is of course
also conceivable to stay on the WGS84 ellipsoid and to do a universal
transverse Mercator (UTM) projection.
Let the projection code calculate what the nearest central meridian is,
merely based on the input of the longitude of each point.
But: can (lib)proj do that?
For UTM the false easting is a fixed value.
Another problem could be the special V (Norway) and X (Svalbard) UTM-zones.
They are irregular.

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