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Job announcement: 

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Center of Excellence for Geospatial 
Information Science (CEGIS) has two post doctoral appointments available 
in the Rolla, Missouri office. The appointments must be filled through the 
National Research Council (NRC) Research Associateship program. For 
application instructions, forms, and process, interested candidates should 
access the NRC web site at: 


The specific opportunity is posted at: 


The description of the announcement follows. 

USGS is supporting the development of a number of research projects in 
geospatial information science through the Center of Excellence for 
Geospatial Information Science (CEGIS). Several Research Associates will 
be hired to support the CEGIS mission, which includes a series of broad 
goals to address specific questions of relevance to the science mission of 
the USGS. 
GIScience includes the science behind the traditional mapping disciplines 
of surveying, aerial photographic interpretation, photogrammetry, remote 
sensing, and cartography. It also encompasses a broader scope of issues 
related to the modeling and representation of geographic data, phenomena, 
and processes; human cognition of geographic information; the analysis and 
use of uncertainty; spatial analysis and modeling, including geographic 
information systems (GIS); scale sensitivities; geographic ontologies; 
visualization; and other similar topics. 
Specific topics currently being investigated by CEGIS researchers include 
(1) information fusion, visualization, and ontology for The National Map, 
specifically addressing automated data integration and generalization; (2) 
analyzing and developing rapid map projection for large raster datasets 
over the Web using parallel and grid computing; and (3) fractal and 
variogram methods to analyze scale and resolution effects on geospatial 
Associates may propose work complementing the currently ongoing research 
or address the broader research goals and questions of GIScience. All 
areas of this research opportunity will support theoretical and technical 
development. The Associate will be responsible for supporting the 
principal investigator with the theoretical development and supervising 
the computer implementation of the theory by a team of programmers and 
technicians. Associates are expected to develop their own approaches to 
both theoretical developments and implementation strategies to provide 
breadth to the scientific endeavor. Publication of results in 
peer-reviewed journals is considered a part of the responsibilities of the 
project team including Associates. 

E. Lynn Usery
Research Geographer
Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science
U.S. Geological Survey
1400 Independence Rd.
Rolla, MO  65401-2502

Ph.  573-308-3837
Fax 573-308-3652
Email: usery at usgs.gov
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