[Proj] Using proj on Windows

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
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Jeff -

You didn't say where you obtained your proj.dll file, but a normal
Windows build of the PROJ library generates a proj.lib (static library)
and a proj_i.lib (dynamic library) for linking with proj.dll.  You
should check for that library in your distribution or from your source,
since you naturally need a .lib that matches your DLL.  The PROJ
distribution is a pretty painless build on Windows

You can reference materials and links to both source and full Windows
binary distributions on http://proj.maptools.org

	- Ed

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I need to use proj.dll within a VC++ (version 6) project, however I
can't find a .lib file to link against. Is there a distribution that has
a proj.lib? Or do I have to get the source and create one myself?


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