[Proj] Old problems

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Mon Jan 2 15:59:58 EST 2006

Gerald I. Evenden wrote:
> Nice idea, but life is too short.  I download GRASS and managed to get all the 
> necessary support stuff also installed so that 'configure' and 'make' managed 
> to get though the installation process.  While trying to do a quick test with 
> the included demo stuff and good 'ol Spearfishi, I ran into a hassle.  Upon 
> opening the files I got a 500ms flash on the screen of some map like image 
> and then GRASS TK screen disappeared and a diagnostic listing came up on the 
> session window listing a bunch of "faillures" seeming to point to some 
> librarie(s).

Hmm sounds like it might perhaps be a simple problem with finding the 
shared libraries---you could try adding /usr/local/lib (if that's where 
you installed the support stuff) to /etc/ld.so.conf and running 
ldconfig, or adding /usr/local/lib to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment 

Or add the -text command-line switch to the GRASS start-up command so it 
doesn't try loading the GUI stuff at all.

But.. this isn't the GRASS list so I won't elaborate and cause undue 
traffic. It took me several months to sort out all the problems and get 
GRASS to compile completely when I first started using it 3-4 years ago 
so up and running in 8 minutes is good going!


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