[Proj] New libproj4.3

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Sun Jan 8 22:50:36 EST 2006

A new level libproj4.3 is almost done.  All the code has been converted with 
only a few touchups for the man3 file.  All module names are in the proj_ 
prefix and nearly all lib_proj.h material is either prefixed with proj_ or 

Note: the use of .3 on the name is because .1 is basically the old PROJ4 
system and .2 is the previous basic libproj4 release.

The pdf documentation will take a little longer to convert to 4.3.

I was going to put shared libraries into the makefile but after spending more 
than two hours on the net as well as personal manuals I cannot find any 
useful documentation for generating shared libraries with 'make'.  
Interesting, given the popularity and usefulness of the operation.
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