[Proj] proj and Dutch RD

Martin Vermeer martin.vermeer at hut.fi
Wed Jan 11 17:17:46 EST 2006

On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 12:43:13PM -0800, Eric Miller wrote:
> I think Martin's comment is a little to brief.
> Your source coordinate system is geodetic coordinates using the WGS84 Datum (implies WGS84 ellipsoid)
> In cs2cs terms:  +proj=latlong +datum=WGS84
> Your destination coordinate system is RD (new)
> In cs2cs terms: +proj=sterea +lat_0=52.15616055555555 +lon_0=5.38763888888889 +k=0.9999079 +x_0=155000 +y_0=463000 +ellps=bessel +units=m +towgs84=593,26,478
> I'm not sure about the signs for the towgs84 parameters (dx,dy,dz), maybe they're supposed to be negative.  Anyway, the +towgs84 tells cs2cs how to transform the WGS84 coordinates (in XYZ space) to whatever the output datum for RD is.  The +towgs84 or +datum for a different target coordinate systems will likely be different.  But, your source definition would stay the same.  If you have some reference coordinates, you can probably work out whether the towgs84 numbers are supposed to be positive or negative (provided those are good values).
> Clear as mud?

This is precisely what I meant. Thanks!

So play around with those +towgs84 parms, until you can reproduce your
reference values. There must be decimetre precision shift values
somewhere too, as I know the triangulation to be that precise. They must
know at the cadastral survey in Apeldoorn. Here is their on-line


Values that I found on the Internet (Molodensky-Badekas, i.e., relative
to an origin in the Netherlands) :


(Don't ask about the minus signs ;-)

- Martin
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