[Proj] Updated epsg file

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Thu Jan 26 09:17:21 EST 2006

> Codes like 102185 are not real EPSG codes, they are
> ESRI extensions.  If you look at the nad/esri file you
> will find a translation of the ESRI coordinate system codes,
> but they seem to be somewhat out of date, since there is no
> 102185 in there.

I found up-to-date ESRI IDs on the ESRI website.
(1.9 MB, 2901 entries.)
Derived from this ESRI Projected Coordinate Systems file
the 102185 ID:

102185: NAD_1983_10TM_AEP_Resource
PROJCS: NAD_1983_10TM_AEP_Resource
GEOGCS: GCS_North_American_1983
DATUM: D_North_American_1983
SPHEROID: GRS_1980,6378137.0,298.257222101
PRIMEM: Greenwich,0.0
UNIT: Degree,0.0174532925199433
PROJECTION: Transverse_Mercator
PARAMETER: False_Easting,0.0
PARAMETER: False_Northing,0.0
PARAMETER: Central_Meridian,-115.0
PARAMETER: Scale_Factor,0.9992
PARAMETER: Latitude_Of_Origin,0.0
UNIT: Meter,1.0
Is this the one?

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