[Proj] Revision of rtodms

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Sat Jan 28 12:26:19 EST 2006

To make libproj4 completely thread friendly it was necessary to create a new 
radian to DMS formating procedure to replace "pr_rtodms."  The prototype for 
the replacement procedure is:

proj_rtodms_r(char *fld, size_t wf, const char *fmt,
                    double radian, char * sign)

where 'fld' is a character array of length 'wf', 'fmt' is a "ddf" format to be 
employed. 'radian' is the value to be formated and 'sign' is a two character 
array containing the optional sign suffix ("NS" or "EW").

An example of the variety of outputs for the radian value of the DMS value of 
33:15:45 for various values of 'fmt' are:

   Just degrees-minutes
val: 33.2625 fmt: %dd%.3f'%c output: 33d15.750'N
   full DMS in proj format
val: -33.2625 fmt: %dd%d'%.3f" output: -33d15'45.000"
   simple floating point output
val: -33.2625 fmt: %.8f output: -33.26250000
   pretty print format for LaTeX
val: 33.2625 fmt: $%d^{\circ}%d'%.3f''$%c output: $33^{\circ}15'45.000''$N

The major restriction is that the format should be in the basic form of 
'%d%d%.nf', '%d%.nf' or '%.nf'.  If there is a trailing '%c' suffix sign is 
used otherwise prefix +/- for the degree part.  Any fillers or field values 
may be used.

This procedure will replace pj_rtodms in release 3 of libproj4---soon to be 
issued.  However, if anyone wants a copy, email me for an email copy.  It 
does not require lib_proj.h if one makes their own proto.
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