[Proj] newbie problem: WGS84 lat,long => LCC x,y

Piotr Synowiec psynowiec at gmail.com
Sun Jul 9 12:09:43 EDT 2006

I have a newbie problem.
I tried to convert lat,long coordinates from my GPS to the UTM x,y

I have pair of coordinates in both systems
LAT 22 28 13.501N
LON 49 22 46.422E
Easting 333278.419
Northing 2485798.233

First attempt I tried program proj
cat wgs84deg.txt | proj +units=m +proj=utm +zone=39 +ellps=WGS84

result is
-1554377.54     5873313.44
-6114872.17     0.00

and doesn't look like expected 333278.419  2485798.233

then I tried program cs2cs
cat wgs84deg.txt | cs2cs +proj=latlong +ellps=WGS84 +datu=WGS84 +to 
+proj=utm +zone=39

result is the same like with program proj
-1554377.54     5873313.44 0.00
-6114872.17     0.00 0.00

my wgs84deg.txt with data looks like

22d28'13.501N 49d22'46.422E

This is my first attempt to use this software.

Finally I need to convert coordinates from WGS84 lat,long to Lambert 
Conformal Conic on International 1924 spheroid and Ain El Abd datum.

Projection: Lambert Conformal COnic
Lat of origin: 25d05'22.236"N
Lon of origin: 48d00'0.00"E
Norhting of origin: 0.0
Easting of origin: 0.0
Scale @ parallels: 1.0
Parallel 1: 33d00'0.000"N
Parallel 2: 17d00'0.000"N

Spheroid: International 1924
Semi-major axis: 6,378,388.0
Semi-minor axis: 6,356,911.946
Inverse flattening: 297.000

Datum: Ain El Abd
to WGS84
DX: -143.0 m
DY: -236.0 m
DZ: 7.0 m
Vertical datum: spheroidal

Could anybody help me setup command for this conversions ?


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