[Proj] Re: PROJ.4 VB Wrappers

Bart barta at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 10 17:51:59 EDT 2006

Here's the wrapper i use from VB(6)

------ wrapper ------

' proj.dll projection info
Private Type ProjCoordSys
  ProjPointer As Long
  ProjPar() As String
  isValid As Boolean
  IsLL As Boolean
End Type

' proj.dll declarations
Private Declare Function pj_init Lib "Proj.dll" (ByVal argc As Long, ByRef 
argv As Long) As Long
Private Declare Sub pj_free Lib "Proj.dll" (ByVal pointer As Long)
Private Declare Function pj_transform Lib "Proj" (ByVal SrcPrj As Long, 
ByVal DestPrj As Long, ByVal nPoints As Long, ByVal Offset As Long, ByRef x 
As Double, ByRef y As Double, ByRef z As Double) As Long

------ /wrapper -----

Now to make this work, you do need to recompile proj.dll using MAKEFILE.VC 
after editing the source files a bit adding the __stdcall attribute for the 
functions you need to use from VB,

in pj_transform.c

int __stdcall pj_transform( PJ *srcdefn, PJ *dstdefn, long point_count, int 
                  double *x, double *y, double *z )

same (ad __stdcall) for pj_init, pj_free functions in pj_init.c

same for all three functions in proj_api.h

Then run NMAKE MAKEFILE.VC (command line) and voila...

I hope that helps, it's not really a wrapper, its just a calling convention 


"Piotr Synowiec" <psynowiec at gmail.com> wrote in message 
news:44B2C0A1.5080908 at gmail.com...
> link to the proj4 wrappers is not working any more.
> PROJ.4 VB Wrappers 
> <http://ftp.dfg.ca.gov/Outgoing/Nafwb/proj4/proj_api.zip> from Eric G. 
> Miller.
> http://ftp.dfg.ca.gov/Outgoing/Nafwb/proj4/proj_api.zip
> Could anybody send me this file by email ?
> Cheers
> Piotr
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