[Proj] Client side coordinate transformation library - Call to developers/testers

Aaron Koning aaronkoning at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 01:47:14 EDT 2006

Hello All,

A while ago I created a client side coordinate transformation library called
GCTP-JS (Open Source, GPL licence). More accurately, I ported files directly
from the General Cartographic Transformation System (GCTP) C-code to

Simple example application:

Implemented easily and successfully in the Flexible Internet Spatial
Template (FIST) web mapping application:

Currently the 'port' is not complete (UTM, Albers, and Lambert projection
files have been ported). What I would like to see is a complete port of the
GCTP to JavaScript. Porting each projection file takes a few hours to a few
days depending on experience level (pretty quick I think). Then the
projection file must be tested, which is best done by someone who uses that
particular projection often.

The best reasons to get involved are:
     - porting and testing can be done file by file;
     - porting a file doesn't take very long;
     - only work on the projections you want or the whole library;
     - very little planning is needed since it is a straightforward porting
     - there is a definite and achievable end goal!

Therefore, I would like all interested parties to contact me at the address
below and start porting and testing projection files as soon as possible. I
am eager to get going and help make this a success!
     aaronkoning at gmail.com

The GCTP C-code can be downloaded at:

Thank you for your time,

|  Aaron Koning
|  Information Technologist
|  Prince George, BC, Canada.
|   http://datashare.gis.unbc.ca/fist/
|   http://datashare.gis.unbc.ca/gctp-js/
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