[Proj] .NET / C# port of proj4

Richard Greenwood richard.greenwood at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 22:29:28 EDT 2006

On 6/8/06, Jason Askew <jason.askew at gmail.com> wrote:
>  C software can most definately be linked into C#.  But that crosses
> the mangaed/unmanaged code space, which isn't ideal.
> I can think of several advantages, however (and I'm sure someone can
> counter-match some disadvantages).
> First off, I don't feel bad putting code into c# / .NET becuase it is
> fairly portable with the Mono project covering the Unix/Linux side of
> things.
> The other is the vast simplifications I've encoutered and will
> continue to do so, I'm sure.
> Like the linked list for paralist and PJ_GRIDINFO...  they're gone,
> replaced with very simple storage classes using C# generics.  All the
> code to handle those linked list is gone, replaced mainly with a
> foreach loop.
> And string manipulation has gone from the world of pointers, strcpy,
> sprintf to actual human readable code =).
> File manipulation is easier.
> I digress.
> There is another side to this, this one is specific to windows...
> I've got a hardware accelerated DirectX GIS viewer prototype working,
> along with thin-plate-spline image warping (realtime!).  My end goal
> is a real-time hardware acclerated (there's a lot of horsepower in the
> GPUs these days) for doing image rectification/georeferencing.
> I probably don't need to explain the aspect that Proj4 is filling in
> such a piece of software.

Sounds pretty cool to me. Please do keep the list posted on your progress.

On the other side of the Universe, I've been porting some of Proj.4 to


Richard Greenwood
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