[Proj] Discovery: libproj4 stmerc = French Gauss-Laborde

Melita Kennedy mkennedy2 at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 15 03:10:26 EDT 2006

> Cliff Mugnier wrote: 
> Melita Kennedy of ESRI informed me a couple years ago that they
> successfully programmed Jeff Dozier's TM equations and have incorporated
> that routine into one of the ESRI packages, I don't remember which one.

David Burrows implemented a complex math version of transverse Mercator
working from Dozier's equations. On a brief stop in the office today (he's
on vacation), he couldn't remember any errors in Dozier's equations
off-hand. He did mention that he could not make it work out to 90 degrees
from the central meridian as the paper states. I think we ended up limiting
it to 85 or 87 degrees. Next week he'll take a look at  his copy of the
paper to see if he wrote any notes down. 


Melita Kennedy
mkennedy2 at earthlnik.net

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