[Proj] [A bit OT] NMEA, GGA and GGK

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 26 18:26:28 EDT 2006

Roger Oberholtzer wrote:

> This is not really a proj question. But there is certainly relevant
> experience on this list.
> When computing locations from NMEA data, it is possible to have both GGA
> and GGK records containing location information. Given the choice, is
> one better to use than the other? I suspect this is very receiver
> dependent. But I do not know this. Opinions?

this question is perhaps better posed to the gpsd mailing list,

(which is worth checking out anyway if you are thinking of NMEA parsing)

GGA is definitely the more standard - I've never heard of GGK.
RMC,GLL are worth a look as well.

My guess is that ultimately it depends on your GPS.

do a web search for "nmeafaq.txt"  It might help.


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