[Proj] Complex Transverse Mercator

Oscar van Vlijmen ovv at hetnet.nl
Wed Jun 28 16:33:42 EDT 2006

> From: "Gerald I. Evenden"

> I strongly do not believe any of these new extended TMs should be use for UTM
> as the "standard UTM" is defined as the taylor expansion---warts and all.
> Anyone who has abused the limits of UTM will have trouble when using new
> versions.  Secondly, UTM is bound by "law" to the limits of +-3.5 degrees so
> these extensions are immaterial.

>From my memory: wasn't the definition 3 degrees with an overlap of 40
kilometers? Is about the same, but legally different.

> As per  my comments three years ago, none of this make any intuitive sense.
> This probably explains why the German web page deviates as one approaches
> pi/2.
> BTW, how do these numbers stack up with the German web page.
If this is about Schuhr's web calculator after Klotz, located at:
then I can only repeat:
This calculator suffers from the usual problems at low latitudes coupled
with large longitude differences with CM.

[more details including numbers replied to mr. Evenden personally. Let me
know if you're interested in the numbers].

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