[Proj] proj/libgeotiff interaction: GTIFProj4ToLatLong()

Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Thu Mar 9 15:28:33 EST 2006

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006, Eric Miller wrote:

> You don't show how the variable "proj_is_latlong" is defined or
> assigned to.  If it's zero, GTIFProj4ToLatLong will not be called.
> Also, if GTIFProj4ToLatLong returns zero for success (a typical
> return code) then your error message will print.

Thanks.  That "proj_is_latlong" stuff was added by someone else
since I wrote the code.  I just tweaked it so that the error message
is decoupled from that variable.

The GTIFProj4ToLatLong return code checks still look correct to me.

I traced the problem down:  It was linking that function in from
GDAL instead of libgeotiff.  Our code uses shapelib, proj,
libgeotiff, and GDAL if available.  By configuring my project
without GDAL support I was able to read the DOQQ file in just fine
with the UTM numbers.

I'll check out the latest released GDAL later to see if it still has
the problem, if so, report it to Frank.  CVS GDAL didn't compile for
me just now.

So... Problem solved with respect to the original problem.

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