[Proj] value of PROJ_LIB variable

Erich Sadlowski erich.sadlowski at gmx.de
Fri May 5 06:32:37 EDT 2006


I'm using the libproj.a in my application.

When "feeding" the pj_init_plus with an "+init=epsg:xxxxx" definition I get a
problem: the epsg file could'nt be found. When debugging the code I detect that
in pj_open_lib a getenv("PROJ_LIB") is made ... and I'm surprised to see that it
has a value although at the system prompt an echo $PROJ_LIB results in an empty
string. So: Where is this environment variable set??

It seems to me that the value of it is the path where the project originally was
compiled an published (on our server). Unfortunately this directory is moved to
an other place (where at least I bind the libproj.a from).

Can anybody explain this behaviour?


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