[Proj] MGRS/USNG support?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri May 5 09:46:17 EDT 2006

Oscar van Vlijmen wrote:
>>From Eric G. Miller:
>> I guess, for this to work the UTM handling would have to change.  Currently,
>> you have to specify +zone= and +south (as appropriate), but the library should
>> be able to figure that out and report it back in the output.  The user should
>> have the option of forcing a zone or allowing the library to determine it.
>> Perhaps this is too deep a change?
>>From my remarks, April 26:
>> Let the projection code calculate what the nearest central meridian is,
>> merely based on the input of the longitude of each point.
>> But: can (lib)proj do that?
> Is it really that obtrusive to change tmerc/utm so, that it calculates the
> nearest central meridian itself, if no zone or CM is supplied?


Well, this could certainly be done for the geographic to projected
transformation as a special case.  But it isn't at all clear to me
that this would be useful.  You would get back projected UTM coordinates
without knowing which UTM zone they are in.  And of course, there is no
way of doing the same thing when going the other way.

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