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Subject: Re: [Proj] Proj4 transform from WGS84 to UK Northings and
	Eastings help needed ...
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I'd be surprised if any ESRI product used PROJ.4.  They've been pretty adamant that
their projection libraries are not based on PROJ.4.

>>> pennyb at btex.co.uk 5/23/2006 6:24:18 AM >>>
Hiya all

I have some Navteq data, which I believe is in WGS84 decimal degrees. 
I am using an ESRI product (which uses proj4) to project the data 


As far as I know, we aren't, or at least, no one's asked me about it. Software that we've
acquired might be using PROJ.4, rather than the in-house projection enigne library, and
there are a few other instances where something else is being used (ArcInfo workstation, 
ArcView GIS, MapObjects Java) but I know it's not PROJ.4. 

Melita Kennedy
ESRI Product Specialist

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