[Proj] SP1 question

Jamon Van Den Hoek jlvandenhoek at wisc.edu
Wed Nov 22 12:32:08 EST 2006

hi all,

i'm having trouble achieving a transformation from a point's lat/long coords into a user-defined projection with one standard parallel.

i'm using PROJ.4's 1SP LCC function (at http://www.remotesensing.org/geotiff/proj_list/lambert_conic_conformal_1sp.html) with the following projection parameters:

1. Origin Longitude (£fo): 90¢X00¡¦00.000000¡¨
2. Origin Latitude (£Xo): 43¢X22¡¦00.000000¡¨
3. False Easting (Eo): 147218.6942 meters (482999.999 U.S. survey feet)
4. False Northing (No): 0.0037 meters (0.012 U.S. survey feet)
5. Scale Factor on Central Meridian (ko): 1.0000365285

and the following code:

C:\>proj.exe -I +proj=lcc +lat_1=43d22'0"N +lon_0=90d00'0"W +k_0=1.0000365285 +x_0=147218.6942 +y_0=0.0037 +ellps=GRS80
44d10'00"N 89d48'00"W                                       (lat/long of point i want to transform)
131d4'1.401"E   89d59'59.907"S'00"N 89d48'00"W     (not sure how to interpret this output line)

1d48'57.388"W   43d21'8.09"N                              (if "enter" is pressed again, this it outputted)

i'm not sure where the error is coming into play that's producing this garbage. i want answers in meters, but i'm still getting dms.
     - the example PROJ.4 commands from the readme.txt work fine and i replicate the answers, so i know that PROJ.4 is installed correctly. 
     - i changed the format of the lat_0 and lon_0 parameters in terms of using "-" instead of W, etc., and changed the order of input for the lat and long coords for the county point. 
     - i also tried to replicate the example parameters at http://www.remotesensing.org/geotiff/proj_list/lambert_conic_conformal_1sp.html but couldn't replicate the results.

any suggestions as to how to fix this problem? is my syntax incorrect or is something missing from the command?


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