[Proj] MAX_LINE limit increase?

Dan Scheirer dssmailing at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 9 14:51:23 EDT 2006

I use proj within applications of the
Generic Mapping Tools (GMT), where it is very
helpful to pass long control-lines (proj -t)
along with the spatial data.

In numerous cases, I run up against the 200
character MAX_LINE limit in {proj,nad2nad,cs2cs}.c
(a.k.a. MAXLINE in geod.c), where the programs
silently truncate longer lines to 200 characters.
I've tweaked the source (4.4.9) to increase that to 
1000 characters without encoutering adverse effects.

Would the developers consider increasing this
hard-wired 200 character value?  I'm not savvy
enough of a programmer to know if there might be
non-beneficial ramifications of this within the
proj or among related software suites.

I'm a newbie to this list, and did not find reference
to this issue with an initial perusal.  Thanks for the

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