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Richard Greenwood richard.greenwood at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 08:49:18 EDT 2006

On 10/21/06, massimodisasha <massimodisasha at yahoo.it> wrote:
> hi,
> i've 45 point of the (igm95) national italian grid of double points
> in (wgs84 - gauss boaga R40)
> (IGM is the italian's geographical military institute)
> all my points are distribuited in a small italian region.
> i've done a little algoritms in matlab language  for resolve the
> Helmert linear sistem....
> ...now i've a new set of 7 parameters for do a trasformation beetween
> WGS and GB-R40.
> how can i use this new parameters in Grass ?
> can i use it in the (r.proj/v.proj) grass command?
> how can i add in the proj library this new 7 parameters ? is it
> possible?
> i've look at proj documentation, but  in the cs2cs doc (section
> towgs) i've found the instruction for translate a single
> point.   .....    my targhet is a coordinate translation that works
> with a raster file (image)
> thanks!
> Massimo

Try addding a new entry to the "EPSG" file and then cretate a new
location from EPSG code.

Richard Greenwood
richard.greenwood at gmail.com

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