[Proj] What's wrong

cp ch.panel at free.fr
Fri Sep 15 07:46:23 EDT 2006

First, sorry for my poor english.

I would like to use proj lib in a free french project.
This project soon has possibilities of transformation coordinates but 
restricting to French Ellipsoid, and I would like to offer larger 
possibilities. So I'm trying to test proj4 to see if I can use it in this 
project :
I find first that the documentation is not very accesible (references to 
documents that is nowhere, scripting conventions nowhere...etc) but there is 
I try to use cs2cs for converting coordinates but with no success :
here is an example :

C:\Documents and Settings\PANEL>"C:\Documents and 
cs2cs.exe" +proj=lcc +ellps=clrk80 +x_0=600000 +y_0=200000 +k_0=0.99987742 
0=2d20'14.025 +lat_0=46d48' +lat_1=45d53'56.108 +lat_2=47d41'45.652 +to 
c +ellps=clrk80 +x_0=600000 +y_0=200000 +k_0=0.99987750 +lon_0=2d20'14.025 
0=44d06' +lat_1=43d11'57.44859 +lat_2=44d59'45.93773
822056 62249
822074.85       362098.46 0.000
822056.39 62249.52 504.1
822075.24       362098.98 504.100

this conversion is wrong  822056.39 62249.52 504.1 must become 822075.25 
362135.78 504.1
I try with coma instead of decimal point : the result is wronger and 
different and there is no error reporting.

What's wrong ?

thanks for any help.

Christian PANEL
Le chipier
email: ch.panel at free.fr

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