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I have seen that parameter k is not what I believe so I don't give it in parameter. so the conversion is good within the same ellipsoid, then I see that clrk80 is not the ellipsoid in use in France. this one seems to be a special clarke 80 ellipsoid because it has not the same definition parameters than this given in proj tables.
Do you know where we can find description of these parameters and their significations (without opening and decorticate the source code) ?
I suppose that +towgs is the datum shift between the used ellipsoid and WGS ellipsoid but why specify ? is it to superseed it ? 

Do you have so info of the parameters for the "Lambert 93" french projection ?

This library is very intersting and I believe that I'm going to open the source.

thanks for any help.
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  this :


  did helped me, when I had to do some transformations for french systems.

  Good luck!

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