[Proj] updated epsg file in proj distribution

Vincent J. Troisi Vincent.Troisi at Colorado.EDU
Thu Sep 28 14:00:23 EDT 2006

We did add the code. But when we attempt to reproject the
geotiff in the projection with the code through the minnesota mapserver,
we receive an error inferring the code is an invalid SRS. Any thoughts...

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Vincent J. Troisi wrote:
>> I have imagery in a polar stereographic projection. However,
>> the latitude of the standard parallel is 71 degrees. I noticed
>> code 3031 in the current epsg database defines this projection,
>> but the code does not exist in the current proj releases. Are
>> there any plans to update the epsg file in the proj release to
>> the latest version of the epsg database?
> Vince,
> You should try PROJ 4.5.0 beta 1 which was updated to a recent (but no 
> longer
> the most recent) EPSG database.  I do periodically update to a more 
> recent
> database.
> In any event, if it is not there, you can just manually edit the 
> appropriate
> definitions into /usr/local/share/proj/epsg.
> Best regards,

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