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Details and parameters of the Aruba Datum of 1951 and the Aruba Transverse Mercator Grid are in my "Grids and Datums" column of "Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing," July 2002, pp.653-654.  A pdf file of the column may be downloaded from www.ASPRS.org/resources/grids.  The other datums and grids of the Netherlands Antilles are included therein also.
A Stereographic projection is a good guess for a Dutch Colony, but it really is a TM - it surprised me, too.
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Hello list,

I have GIS data from Aruba, an island in the dutch antilles (above

In MapInfo this data shows up as "non-earth(meters)"
the bounding box is approx.:

1784, 2558 to 25233, 27400

I think it's a stereographic projection.

Is there anyone out there that nows the parameters for this local
projection used on Aruba?

Kind regards,

Milo van der Linden
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