[Proj] Re: make check fails

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 22 06:02:42 EDT 2007

> It isn't distributed with PROJ.4 nor does it live in the repository.
> I think there is some license restriction about redistribution or
> perhaps it was just to big for me to host in CVS, I can't recall.
> You need to contact someone in the Canadian government to get it.
> This might be covered in the FAQ or perhaps the mailing list archive.

> The official repository of NTv2 data is at Natural Resources Canada,
> and you can locate the info (and download instructions) at:
> http://www.geod.nrcan.gc.ca/software/ntv2_e.php


Price for the NTv2 products
Download online 	no charge
NTv2 is also available with a licence to the Canadian Spatial Reference
System Online Database (CSRS Online Database).

GSD will license the NTv2 for incorporation as a feature in GIS,
cartographic, coordinate computation, and other geomatics-related
software products. Inquiries are invited from interested developers.
send your inquiry to <information (at) geod.nrcan.gc.ca>.


has anyone ever tested how Free-software friendly they are?

note: GRASS distributes grass6/lib/proj/ntv1_can.dat


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