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Dean C. Mikkelsen dcmikkelsen at shaw.ca
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Hi everyone,
The EPSG has just released their latest version (6.13), which new data for
various countries.
If you have any questions about their use and datums and projections, please
let me know.
Kind regards,
Dean C. Mikkelsen, B.Sc., P.Eng.
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Geodesy, GIS & Mapping for the Natural Resources
(formerly of Schlumberger, ConocoPhilips, Sonatrach, BP, etc.)
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Subject: Release of EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset v6.13 (July 16, 2007)

Release of EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset v6.13  (July 16, 2007)

This release (Version 6.13) of the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset comprises
of data corrections and updates to the v6.12 release of February 2007.   The
EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset is maintained by the Geodesy Subcommittee of
the Surveying and Positioning Committee of the International Association of
Oil and Gas Producers (OGP).  This version and prior archived versions may
be downloaded without charge from www.epsg.org <http://www.epsg.org/> .. The
dataset will continue to be known as the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset.

As for previous releases, the v6.13 dataset is available in two forms:
either an MS Access database which also includes a data reporting
capability, or as a series of SQL scripts for populating an alternative
relational database application. There are different SQL scripts for various
SQL variants. In each format, the v6.13 release is accompanied by an updated
version of the current ReadMe file, in both PDF and MS Word formats. 

New to Version 6.13 are:

*         Changes as documented in Change table records through 2007.067,
but with actions still remaining on some change requests.

*         Revisions to data for Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Colombia,
Germany, Greenland, Fiji, Kuwait, Namibia, Netherlands, Reunion, South
Africa, Spain and United Kingdom.

*         New data for Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, New
Caledonia, New Zealand, South Georgia, United Arab Emirates and United

*         The use of the terms 'supersede', 'retire' and 'replace' has been
rationalised. This has included structural changes to the Supersession table
in which the supersession type of 'replacement' has been eliminated. The
rationalisation has also included changes to the supersession type assigned
to records within the supersession table and to remarks in records in other
tables. The EPSG dataset interpretation of ISO 19135 terms is discussed in
Guidance Note 7 part  <http://www.epsg.org/guides/G7-1.html> 1 - Use of the
EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset.

In addition to the above data content changes, the "Use of the Data" rules
have been clarified and expanded to facilitate increased use of the EPSG
dataset in third party software.  See the Readme file or associated online
documentation for additional details.

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Best regards, 

Jim Cain, 
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