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Michael P Finn mfinn at usgs.gov
Thu Aug 16 09:27:57 EDT 2007


I suggest that if you have a new projection to contribute to the 
community, publish it is a peer-reviewed journal. If it is really great 
and new & improved, people will flock to is and use it routinely.

If is not a new projection, and you are creating a new map, choose the 
projection that you want. As daan said, a cartographer chooses a 
projection to meet a certain need (or a priority of needs). I doubt that 
you are going to change the world of cartography by posting on one 

Mike Finn

Michael P. Finn
Research Cartographer
National Geospatial Technical Operations Center
U. S. Geological Survey
Rolla, MO

(573) 308-3931
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