[Proj] Dubai Palm Island Projection

Andreas Rappensperger andreas.rappensperger at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 27 09:12:05 EST 2007

Hi All,

I have the following problem. I would like to rotate the Dubai Palm Island
so that the palm stand vertical. The rotation point should be the middle
point of the Palm. In Dubai usually the DLTM projection is used.

# Dubai municipality Local Transverse Mercator DLTM
proj=tmerc lat_0=0.000000000 lon_0=55d20'00"E k=1.000000 x_0=500000.000 y_0=
0.000 ellps=WGS84 units=m

Now I tried to define my own coordinate system with the following parameter:

# DP Dubai Palm (DLTM rotated by -49 degree)
proj=omerc lat_0=25.095311 lonc=55.137296 alpha=-49.0000000 k=1.000000 x_0=
500000.000 y_0=0.000 ellps=WGS84 units=m

But it does not work. I have created a test. I have taken two points

Bottom of the Palm: 55.154200° 25.102206°
Top of the Palm: 55.122691° 25.126338°

If I transform them to the DLTM Projection than there is a angle of about -
49.00 degree. So if I transform them to my new coordinate system the angle
should be zero, but it doesn't.

I guess i did something wrong with the parameter.

Does someone have can help me an this problem?
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