[Proj] dmstor return negative value

Lars Geldner geldner.list.reg at gmx.net
Thu Jan 18 09:20:33 EST 2007

Dear all,

I'm transforming WGS84 coordinates into x/y coordinates of the UTM

The input WGS84 values have the following format, e.g. 8d29'30.74 as

UTM Zone is 33.

The first step is to transform the DMS data (8d29'30.74 as longitude) to
radian data using dmstor function.
The second step is to transform the radian data (returned by dmstor) to UTM
using pj_fwd function.

The result of the steps mentioned above is a negative value (-481324.644767)
returned by pj_fwd.

What indicates the UTM x-value -481324.644767 of the WGS84 longitude

The inverse transformation of -481324.644767 returns a longitude of
0d0'0.085"E but not 8d29'30.74.

Any help is appreciated!


Lars Geldner
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