[Proj] Why use pj_inv() and pj_fwd() instead of pj_transform() ?

fabrice martin fabrice_martin2 at yahoo.fr
Sun Jun 3 06:33:18 EDT 2007

>pj_transform() is a newer function layered on pj_inv() and pj_fwd().  My
>intention is that most new applications would use it though there is
>some performance overhead to going through it instead of calling the
>pj_inv() and pj_fwd() functions directly.

Hi Frank,
Thank you for your answer. And could you tell me what's the rationale behind pj_inv() and pj_fwd() not taking into account prime meridians ? It could lead some people to prefer to substitute +lon_0 to +pm in coordinate systems' definitions, so that pj_inv(), pj_fwd() and pj_transform() give the same result !

Best regards,

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