[Proj] Error to convert latlong to lambert2et

Jacolin Yves yjacolin at free.fr
Tue Jun 12 04:33:50 EDT 2007


I tried to used proj4 to convert WGS84 data to lambert 2 etendue (french 
projection, EPSG:27572). Actually, I used a php script that I wrote using an 
algorithme written in a pdf share by French IGN [1], which is correct.

If I try proj4 using the following code:
proj +init="epsg:27572" -S -r
48.816667 2.266667
766532.74       2426646.42

The new data: (766532.74,2426646.42) is not correct. The first should be 
something like 594868, the second one seems correct.

Where do I may wrong?



[1] http://www.ign.fr/telechargement/MPro/geodesie/CIRCE/NTG_71.pdf
Yves Jacolin

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