[Proj] Garbel - software for GPS data management

Thibaut Gheysen gheysen.t at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 04:16:24 EDT 2007


I have developed a little software named Garbel for GPS data management
(waypoints, track and roads) of Garmin(r) and Magellan(r) GPS receiver
making it
possible to manage transfers PC - GPS as well as the possibles
transformations of coordinates which result from it. For this, I use this
utilities and libraries : GpsBabel, PROJ.4, GDAL/OGR and shp2img.

This software is freeware but only available in French. I have plan to add
other languages but I miss time to do this for the moment. You can download
it from the website of the Unit of Forest and Nature Management of the
Gembloux Agricultural University ( http://www.fsagx.ac.be/gf/) at the
heading « tools and software » (« Outils et logiciels »)

Best regards,
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