[Proj] Could not load proj.dll

Hallgren Johan E jhhal at wmdata.com
Thu Mar 22 14:03:33 EST 2007



I have created a web-application under DOTNET 2.0 and IIS using proj.dll
(the proj.dll is old and NOT compiled under DOTNET 2.0). It runes fine
on my computer but when I deploy it to a Windows Server 2003 it fails
when call the DllImport. 

[DllImport(@"Proj.dll", EntryPoint="pj_init_plus")]


The error message is Could not load dll, not found...


My guess is that there is some sequrity issue. Does anyone have clue
what it could be about? The only dependency is MSVCR71.dll. I don't know
if that could be a problem?


Does we always need the manifest-file in DOTNET 2.0?


Could it be something with the acount running IIS?




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