[Proj] wgs point (lat-lon 'NMEA' to N-E 'metric') "was (lat-lon 'degres' to N-E 'metric')"

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Tue Mar 27 13:22:53 EST 2007

Yes it is a NMEA gps output

i'm tring to red it directly from a seria device,

reformat it in a rght format readable by proj
can i trasnfor it from :

4051.1749  N   01415.5317   E


40 51 17.49 N  014 15 53.17

that isn't the same of:

40.511749  N   014.155317   E

(sorry for this basilar question!)

have you any suggestion/comment to
read directly the NMEA format in proj !

i'm playing with awk or other bash command to reformat this...
but i'm a newbie student...:-)
...  have you any suggestion about ?



Il giorno 27/mar/07, alle ore 19:03, proj-request at lists.maptools.org  
ha scritto:

> Massimo,
> This looks like an NMEA GPS format. Eg DDDMM.mmmmm
> You might need to re-format the values to something like decimal  
> degrees
> (DDD.dddddddddd) or DD MM SS.ss to use proj for the conversion.
> Regards
> Andrew

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